Hello Beautiful and Welcome,


I’m Hilary Foster and I am honoured to have you stop by.

I am a life coach, speaker and free-spirit who stands for love, living your bliss, and a whole-hearted belief that we are capable of achieving our wildest dreams.

It is my passion and greatest joy to help others discover the depths of their soul, the beauty of their spirit and how to craft a fulfilling life around who they are and what they love.

From the time I was a little girl, I have believed in the power of possibility. But the road to truly living it  wasn’t always easy. Before I really became core in who I was, before I truly had the confidence to believe in myself, I continually gave my power away in an effort to please and seek approval.


And so the story goes…


In every attempt to follow what I thought I was ‘supposed to/told to/taught to’ do, I dug myself deeper into despair, confusion and lack of fulfillment. I entered one bad relationship after another. I spent years educating myself, leading to a career that though respectable, gave me an unsettling feeling that something wasn’t right. I desperately worked to complete the checklist of ‘having it all’ (you know the one) in order to feel some sense of validation, but felt deflated and empty.

This was my story and could have continued to be, but fortunately fate would have a different plan. The ending of a tumultuous relationship was the final crack that sent the foundation I had built my life crashing down. I had reached my breaking point and found myself in a quarter-life crisis that had me wondering what they hey I was doing with my life?


 Gratefully, what appeared to be my undoing, was actually my greatest gift.


It was the beginning of my journey back to myself. The moment I declared I’d had enough, I simultaneously KNEW I already was enough. It was one of the most liberating feelings I’d ever felt in my life.

From that moment forward I vowed to live a life I believed in; one that was aligned with who I was. So, I got back to my roots, rediscovering what I loved. I began to cherish myself. I read. I grew. I traveled the world and met remarkable people who showed me that success and self-worth were measured by authenticity not materialism. I found joy, peace and unwavering love for life and humanity.

And so it was that I reconnected to the belief that anything was possible and in doing so, discovered what lights me up:

Helping women just like yourself realize the beautiful depths of who you are and create a life that lights YOU up. 

Whether through one-on-one sessions, groups coaching programs or speaking events, I work with women from the inside-out, to learn to love themselves, alight their passions and discover how to THRIVE by living an authentic life true to who they are and what they are meant to share with the world.

We all have greatness that lies within. We all have a gift to share with the world. It is through owning our beauty, our gifts, and our truth that we show up fully and experience the magic of living life on purpose.


It is your time to shine darling! Today is your day. 


Whether by joining my newsletter or working with me personally, know that I am here for you, I believe in you and I am cheering you on your own journey to creating a meaningful life that you love.


With love and gratitude,



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