You Can Fly: 3 Tricks to Take You From Dreaming to Doing

February 2, 2016


Hey there Dreamer,

Do you spend hours of your day fantasizing about your other life?

You know. The one where you feel like you’re on top of the world. The one where you’ve achieved your greatest goals and aspirations. The one where there’s no limit to you’re capabilities nor any boundaries to what’s possible.

And then that inevitable moment happens when the bubble bursts and you snap back to reality, wondering what gives?

That, my darling, is what I like to call the Wendy syndrome.

Every dreamer I’ve ever known has suffered from it.

It all starts because at some stage in your life, you had a taste of the good life. Whether through your imagination, movies or books, your desires or childhood dreams, you created your own version of Neverland.

Unfortunately like Wendy, you grew up. One day, unbeknownst to you, you came back to reality. But rather then accept it, you can’t help but find yourself continually dreaming of that other life; wondering if it could be real and if so, how on earth do you teach yourself to fly so you can get there.

Being a dreamer myself (and having always wanted to go to Neverland), I get it.

I spent my entire childhood fantasizing about what could (and would) be. But as I got older, my dreams got smaller. I started to believe less in what was possible and more in what was probable. I got caught up in the ideals and expectations of what it means to grow up:

Pay your bills.
Get a job.
Get the guy.
Get a house.
Go to work.

(Not forgetting that if, for some reason, you fail at attaining ALL of the above, it simultaneously means that you are failing at adulthood). Yikes.

But that only subdues a dreamer for so long.

You see there comes a time when something magical happens:

The moment when ‘reality’ as defined by adulthood becomes just as (if not more) unrealistic than your dreams. You begin to question the validity and conditions of the world you’re living in and realize, you’ve been told a story; albeit a convincing one. All of a sudden you understand that reality is what you make it and in that next beautiful moment,

You remember how to fly.

Over the years as I’ve learned to fly, I’ve discovered key to healing our ‘Wendy Syndrome’.

You see, choosing to live your dream life isn’t about picking one life over another.

Childhood vs. adulthood. Dreams vs. reality.

You need both. The real happy ending is when you can fuse the two together; where you can have an empowered life that you love and believe in (and the guy, the career and the house too).

THAT is where the magic is.

Here are 3 tips to help you take flight and make your dreams reality:

1) Never Say Never:

You can only manifest your deepest dreams and desires if you believe that there’s a possibility that they can happen. Start to tell yourself that it’s doable. Visualize yourself accomplishing/having/doing exactly that which you wish to experience. Start saying yes and the momentum will follow.

2) Think Happy Thoughts:

When we’re flying high, we’re also stepping wayyyy outside of our comfort zone. Fear is our mind’s natural response to this. So instead of putting on the brakes when you feel that fear bubble up, embrace it. Learn to love it. I mean shower that fear with so much L-O-V-E that it can’t help but feel safe. (Sometimes I actually tell my fear how in love with it I am. Totally throws it off it’s game). Fear is a mind game, so mind game it right back. But for real, knowing that it shows up because you’re following your path helps you to embrace and overcome it from ever stopping you again.
3) Be Willing to Alter Your Course:

On this journey, there are undoubtedly going to be challenges. Understand it’s not a sign that you’re failing or that chose the wrong path, it simply comes with the territory. Instead, choose to see them as opportunities. Viewing these moments as a chance to grow or redirect yourself will not only help you reach your dreams, but allow you to go farther than you ever could have imagined on your own.


You can do this darling! I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. What’s your dream and which action step resonates with you the most.

With love and light,


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    Hi Hilary…..Remember me……Marie Cordes….Rons…. mom…Kenzies ….mother in law…..Ezri & Nikos…….Nana!!!!
    Just wanted to say that I will pass on your last “Wendy Syndrome”article…….VERY WISE WORDS!!! keep up all your dreaming and smiling…………….it is contagious!!!! xoxo :) Marie Graham

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