The 2 Must-do Practices to Reach Your Dreams

November 9, 2015


“The world belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

I want to let you in on a little secret.

As a dreamer myself, and diligently watching other dreamers I look up to for nearly a decade, I have come to realize that there are only two things you need to take your desires and make them your reality.

Here’s the thing:

They are the most readily available tools at your fingertips, but the hardest for us to truly grasp.


Because it requires you to do something that we are innately hardwired NOT to do.

I’m talking, “red alert, sound the alarm, slam on the brakes, mayday, mayday!” kind of mental resistance.

Yet, it is the key to having everything that you want.

This magic duo is the only compass and roadmap you will ever need.

So what is it and why then, do we resist?

First, lets cover the why:

We’re hardwired to fear the unknown. So much so that anything remotely uncertain turns our mind into a theatrical drama queen who breaks out into a hissy-fit and demands we do things her way:

Safe. Structured. Reasonable. Foreseeable. (In other words, boring).

It’s not her fault though. Back when we were no more than a reptile, we needed that fear mechanism to stay alive. We just didn’t get the updated version as we evolved. So now she still thinks that we’re one step away from mortal danger AT ALL TIMES.

The problem? 99.99% of the time we aren’t.

Yes, our little fear monger could won have won an Oscar 100x over for the award-winning performances she puts on day in and out, but they’re nothing more than that: a performance.

Unfortunately for us, we often take this voice as the truth. This stops us doing the very things that we so yearn for in our hearts. Until one day these things become no more than a distant dream, fading into the distance.

Now I could queue the sad music here, but I’ve got the cure. (The only catch is that it goes against everything that voice wants to tell you).

What is this magical antidote?

Faith and vision.

You see my darling, you have dreams for a reason.

It’s your heart way of communicating with you. Your intuition understands who you really are and what you are really here to do. When you have a spark of creativity, a desire or a wish to do something, that is coming from the truest part of you.

Faith is the act of listening to that voice despite the fact your brain wants to do the opposite.

Yes this means you must trust in something you cannot see, follow a feeling instead of a knowable outcome and step outside of your comfort zone instead of staying within it. But following your intuition with faith that it will guide you to achieving your dreams, is the most powerful compass you will ever have.

You see, your intuition IS the most logical, reasonable, trustworthy voice because it’s the part of you that speaks the truth.

The second and equally important part of this cure is creating a powerful vision. It is the map that helps you get there and THE thing that magnetically pulls you to your dreams.


Just like the gang of Mary Poppins jumped into the sidewalk chalk drawing, you’ve got to immerse yourself into what it feels, sounds and looks like to have reached your dreams, so much so that you feel as though your actually there.

All you gotta do is get clear and passionate.

Grab a seat and a piece of paper and write down as much detail as you can about what it is you want.

Doing this will help you continue on the path when your feeling down, can’t seem to find the motivation or if you’ve lost your way because let’s be honest, it’s bound to happen when traveling to a place we’ve never gone before.

Now it’s your turn to have a little faith darling.

1) Tune into your intuition and listen to what it is truly saying to you? Believe in your dreams more than you believe in your fears. Have faith. How does that feel?

2) Create a vision. Get crystal clear. I’m talking dates, numbers, the look and feel, every and any outcome that inspires you. Make is so real in your mind that you believe you’re already there and tune into it everyday.

Do this, and you will reach the destination of your deepest desires and dreams. I guarantee it. 

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. What is a dream of yours? If you were to imagine it as though it was already yours, what does would it be?

With love and light,



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