What’s Your Story Morning Glory? 3 Tips to Love Yourself Unconditionally

August 27, 2015


We are storytellers by our very nature.

Stories can captivate our hearts, inspire us to reach for more or rock us to our core.

We go to movies, read books, watch plays, and live to know ‘what happened next.’

Yes, storytelling is the most natural part of the human experience, but what about the stories we tell in our daily mental theatre?

From the moment we are able to string thoughts together, we have been creating stories about everything from who we are, what we are capable of, what we’re worth and how difficult or easy life is. If our stories are positive, it’s a pretty great show. If they are negative on the other hand, we are in for an painful Greek drama with no end in sight.

The common plot lines?

I’m unworthy.
I’m unloveable.
I’m not smart enough.
Things happen for other people but not me.

But ultimately all of these disempowering stories lead to one overarching theme: I’m not good enough.

This story is the culprit for all of our ‘nots’:

Not putting ourselves out there for love
Not standing up for our needs and wants
Not going for the dream job or asking for the promotion
Not leaving when a relationship has become abusive or has seen its course
Not taking time to travel or do the things that fill you up

Yes, we may have all had different experiences in our life that have led to the creation of these stories, at the root of it, they all boil down to these same thing; fundamentally feeling like there is something wrong with us, that we are flawed or incapable having the things we so desire to have in our lives.

Well I’ve got a question for you…

What if today you decided to write a new story for yourself?

What if today you decided to take off the shackles of the old limiting stories that hold you back from seeing the truth: you are not the disempowering stories that tell you you’re not enough but the limitless being behind them that is capable and deserving of anything you set your heart to.

Here’s the thing (and your ego doesn’t want you do know this):

You are the editor. You are the one who holds the pen. You are the one who at any given moment can rewrite your story, erase your disempowering beliefs, and opt not to allow your past to define you today and everyday henceforth.

We learned these stories at a young age from our family, friends and society. Whether beliefs around love, money, possibility, or where you ‘should’ be in life, our experiences as children shaped how we view the world and our life today. The moment you realize that you needn’t give power to those childhood circumstances, that they really are just stories that you are capable of changing, you free yourself. You no longer need to be a victim to your past.

If you were to pick up the pen and rewrite how you feel about yourself and what you are capable of, if nothing held you back or brought you down and you came from a loving heart, what would you write? How would your inner dialogue change? What would the plot look like?

The relentless voice of disempowerment has made us numb to the fact that we are the ones in charge. It’s time to take the reins of our storytelling back. Own your role as the storyteller for your life and make it a good one. Actually, scratch that. Make it fabulous. Make it uplifting. Make it oscar worthy. Because you ARE worth it. And that’s the truth.

Seriously, I read that in the non-fiction section of you are awesome.

Got writer’s block? Try this:

1) Call Your Story Out:

Throughout your day, think about all of the limiting beliefs that pop up in your mind. At the end of the day write them down and look them over. Now write beside each one of them why they ARE NOT true.
ie. I’m not good enough= I am more than good enough. I am helpful, loving and kind. I treat everyone with respect. I bring joy to my relationships and place of work. I have done everything I have ever set my mind to. etc. etc. etc.

2) Tell Your Fear Who’s Boss:

Afterwards, whenever you feel a sneaky limiting belief bubbling up, remind yourself that you are the one in charge. Kindly thank that lame story for it’s input but say that you are choosing to believe differently.

3) Give Yourself a Little Love:

Give yourself a little does of l-o-v-e and do some things that make you feel uplifted. Take a nap, go on a nature walk, get a massage or your nails done, take time to read or paint, have a movie night. Whatever it is that makes you feel good about YOU!

At the end of the day, you deserve nothing but the best and that includes the best, most positive stories about yourself. Nobody wins when you’re hard on yourself or are held back by stories that have reached their expiration date, least of all you. So get out there and shine lovely. Bask in the glory of your story.


I would love to hear from you in the comments below! Which tip resonates with you the most and how are you going to use it in your life?


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