Let the Walls Down and Let the Light In

August 13, 2015

Walls are a funny thing. They come in all forms:

Broken heart? Put up a wall. Lost a job? Put up a wall. Scared of the unknown? Put up a wall. Rejected in any capacity? Put up a wall.

On one hand, they represent security. Walls give us a place where we can retreat and take refuge. Walls allow us to feel comfortable. We can create a safe space for ourselves within the confinements of our walls, in which the threats from outside can be kept at bay.

It sounds like a pretty sweet deal. But here’s the thing:

On the other hand, when you put up a wall you simultaneously prevent the possibility of good things flowing towards you and the good within you from flowing out. As such, you not only shut out the bad, you shut out the potentiality of something better than you could have ever imagined coming to you. By putting up that wall you might be keeping yourself safe, but in doing so you dim the glorious light that shines within you and withhold your gifts that someone, somewhere needs in their life.

And so it is that the act of putting up a wall is also the act of trading:

  • I will take on stagnation for security.
  • I will give up possibility for comfort.
  • I will lose my sense of self for a piece of myself.

Though we all do this in some capacity in our lives I ask you, what are you missing out on in your life, in who you are as a person, in what could be if anything could be, by putting up your wall?

At the root of it, walls are just another word for fear. There is some pain, or even (as strange as it may sound) some joy you are afraid to experience. But living in fear of what could be is no way to live. In fact it isn’t living at all.

You are too wonderful, life is too magnificent for you to sit on the side lines any longer and watch from afar. It’s time to get into the game of your life and experience the thrill of all it has to offer.

Setbacks, broken hearts, mishaps are all a part of this journey. But they are not what defines it. What defines our life is choice we make after these moments happen. Do you retreat, hide and call game over? Or do you get back up, wipe yourself off and become better than you were before, opening yourself up to the field of possibility?

You always have a choice. Choose to let the walls down and the light in.

It takes courage and bravery, but that is what you are made of. Everything you want is on the other side of the wall. Go find your door and open it. Magic waits.


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